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The Honesty Pill Podcast

Nov 9, 2020

My guest today is Aubrey Bergauer, one of the most dynamic trailblazers in the music industry on a mission to redefine the classical music experience as we know it.

Sound ambitious? Keep reading.

Aubrey has led the charge in not just engaging — but retaining — new audiences. What a concept…and we talk about a few really disturbing audience statistics that you are not going to believe.

Aubrey is also going to bust a few myths about

  • why free concerts don’t work
  • why it just doesn’t matter if you wear jeans and a t-shirt to the concert hall
  • and how human connection is the way to create real brand loyalty.

And if you are a solopreneur who hates public speaking or thinks they hate sales and marketing, Aubrey is going to give you some perfect solutions for that too.

I have been looking forward to this episode for months, so stop whatever you’re doing, stop practicing, stop doing the dishes, and get ready to take some notes, because this conversation is going to dig deep on some big issues.

About Aubrey

Credited by Southwest Magazine with “redefining the classical concert experience as we know it,” Aubrey Bergauer defies trends and then makes her own. Her focus on not just engaging — but retaining — new audiences grew Seattle Opera’s BRAVO! Club to the largest group for young patrons in the nation, led the Bumbershoot Festival to achieve an unprecedented 43% increase in revenue, and propelled the California Symphony to nearly double the size of its audience and quadruple its donor base.

Praised by Wall Street Journal for leadership which “points the way to a new style of audience outreach,” Bergauer’s ability to strategically and holistically advance every facet of an organization, instilling and achieving common goals and vision across typically siloed marketing, development, and artistic departments, is creating a transformational change in the audience, in the office, on the stage, and in the community. A graduate of Rice University with degrees in Music Performance and Business, Bergauer now shares these ideas via her consulting work and speaking engagements across North America, including conferences for Adobe’s Magento, TEDx, Capacity Interactive, Opera America, Orchestras Canada, and the League of American Orchestras.









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