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The Honesty Pill Podcast

Dec 14, 2020

My guest today is Dr. Fabiana Claure of the University of North Texas and creator of the Musician’s Profit Umbrella.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Fabiana in between her OWN online appointments and coaching sessions…this is our new way of commuting, right? From one side of the country to the other in 30 seconds.

In this interview we talk about women in music, earthquakes, and what to do when you concert clothes start falling off in the middle of a performance. Yup…that happens.

By the way if you’re wondering how to balance artistic, professional, and personal pursuits like raising a family, creating and run several businesses all while being a powerful advocate for women entrepreneurs, keep listening, because Fabiana has got it totally figured out.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with the amazing Dr. Fabiana Claure.

About Fabiana

Dr. Fabiana Claure helps musicians ignite new income opportunities and expand their impact so that they can live a financially empowered, artistically fulfilled, and family-centered life. As a multifaceted concert pianist, educator, entrepreneur, business coach for musicians, and administrator, she has a diverse musical career and successful business experience. Her international background—having lived in the US, Bolivia, and Cuba—has allowed her to gain an empowering and global perspective towards music and entrepreneurship education.

Fabiana coaches musicians and consults for organizations all around the world, through her signature framework, the Musician's Profit Umbrella™. Her clients have gone on to build thriving music coaching and teaching business by combining all their various skill sets from their professional, personal, and artistic sides.

She is the Founder and Director of the Music Business and Entrepreneurship program at the University of North Texas, where she is spearheading a major initiative designed to equip young musicians with key music business and entrepreneurship skills to support 21st century artistic careers. In this role, Fabiana has designed a new curriculum and founded several experiential learning programs. As a result of these initiatives, her students have gone on to raise start-up funds and create successful music businesses while in school. Under Fabiana's leadership, the UNT College of Music earned national recognition being ranked among the Top 15 Music Business Schools in 2017, 2018, and 2019, by Billboard magazine.



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