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The Honesty Pill Podcast

Nov 11, 2021

My guest today is the amazing Gin Walker who is an actor, and as I like to call her, “Copy Consultant to the Stars”, and once you get to meet her, you’ll realize that her word smithing skills are eclipsed only by her energy and sense of humor.

Let me ask you a question… do you consider yourself a good writer? And I don't mean of novels or screenplays but of the type of writing we need to use every day in our communication with the people who are interested in what we do for a living. I'm talking about emails, social media posts, or even copy you would find on a website.

Because if you're like most musicians you are better at playing your instrument than you are at talking about it and that includes when it comes time to send out those emails.

I wanted to talk to Gin on the podcast because and forgive me for saying so but most musicians are terrible writers specifically when it comes to talking about what we do for a living. And it's really important especially in the hybrid environment that we're all living in online.

Like all of the guests on my podcast, Gin is going to give you actionable advice on how you can evolve the way you create and structure your written communication and messaging.

How Gin uses her experience as an actor to “step into character” when helping her clients write emails and social media posts

There is so much in this interview that I'm going to stop talking right now and let you get to it… let's listen to my conversation with Gin Walker.

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