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The Honesty Pill Podcast

Jan 5, 2022

My guest today is the self-proclaimed “Unfussy Oboist” Jennet Ingle. I love that title…can’t wait to hear the explanation.

Jennet, who in addition to being the Principal Oboist of the South Bend Symphony Orchestra, is also the creator of tons of online resources for musicians, including her signature group program, Invincible Oboist, that helps oboists get past the struggle to find ease in their playing. Sounds pretty good!

She also created the Reed Club, that meets every Monday online for social connection and actual making of fantastic oboe reeds, and a group for beginning reed makers called, “Zero to Reedmaker” which has group classes and elements of accountability.

She even has a big announcement about a book that she just wrote and that’s coming out soon!

Wow…that’s a lot of reed talk, and since I am the opposite of an expert on making or playing oboe reeds, let’s get right to my conversation with Jennet Ingle.

The Honesty Pill Podcast is proud to be sponsored by the Yamaha Corporation of America. Thank you, Yamaha!


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