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The Honesty Pill Podcast

Jan 12, 2022

My guest today is Los Angeles Philharmonic violist Mick Wetzel, who in addition to being a world class musician, is also the founder of The Viola Pro coaching for musicians on auditions, competitions and really tactical ideas on how to practice.

We’re going to talk about his own audition journey, how he learned to deal with performance anxiety and pressure, and exactly what Mick does in his OWN practice room to get ready to walk on stage at the Walt Disney Concert Hall week after week.

Mick is also going to debunk a huge myth about whether or not talent has anything to do with being successful. What a great topic.

I have to say, being a brass player and aiming my trumpet directly at the back of Mick’s head in the LA Phil for the past decade and a half, the fact that we are still friends speaks to Mick’s incredibly professional and friendly demeanor. And he’s a pretty big dude too, so I’m really grateful we get along.

Listen all the way to the end of this one, because The Viola Pro has some brand-new programs coming up that you are going to want to know about.

Enjoy and happy listening! 

The Honesty Pill Podcast is proud to be sponsored by the Yamaha Corporation of America. Thank you, Yamaha!


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